Review Process

As is the case in all aspects of life anything is only current at its date of inception. Your investment portfolio is no different. World markets move by the second, the economic climate changes and fund managers come and go.

It therefore goes without saying that your investment portfolio can very quickly move out of line with your expected level of risk and in doing so compromise its ability to achieve your goals. We therefore cannot overstate the importance of the review process that we have built into our wealth management service.

Stage 1 Update your current circumstances

We will contact you before the review meeting to obtain details of any changes in your circumstances since your plan was prepared or the last review.

Stage 2 – Review your goals

Secondly and probably most importantly the second part of the review process revolves around you. Each year when we meet we will review the performance of your portfolio and discuss the changes that have occurred in your life over the past 12 months. We will ensure that your goals remain current and make any adjustments to your investment timeline. We will also review your attitude and capacity to risk. Where appropriate we will make adjustments to your portfolio and the range of tax wrappers in which you are invested to ensure that your portfolio remains optimised to give you the required outcomes you desire.

Stage 3 Review your asset allocation

To ensure that your portfolio remains in line with your agreed level of risk and on target to achieve the expected level of return required to hit each individual goal, we ensure your asset allocation is automatically rebalanced on a regular basis. You can therefore rest assured that your portfolio will not be exposed to excessive risk that will increase your potential for short term losses or conversely become overly cautious reducing your potential for growth and jeopardizing the achievement of your goals.

Stage 4 Review your investments

As the economic climate evolves, markets move and fund management groups change, the validity of your existing investments need to be reviewed to ensure they remain fit for purpose and still warrant inclusion within your portfolio. Within our portfolio management service, our investment partners review the entire fund universe on a monthly basis and where appropriate make adjustments to your portfolio to ensure that each active and passive fund in which you are invested remains the best of breed and not only provides you with the optimum level of return, but also remains financially stable.