Our Core Values

Honesty and Integrity

We will be very honest with you, even when things may not be going as we both planned. And we expect clients to be the same with us. If we are open and honest with each other, then we can resolve problems and situations – things do go wrong, circumstances change, so we understand life and your plan will not go in a straight line.

Equally, we are dealing on your behalf with large institutions, their staff and computer systems, which do the strangest things at times! Our job is to spot the problem and resolve it for you


We will provide you with clear information about charges, fees and any other costs and explain them to you before they are incurred – so you are informed, comfortable, and accepting of those costs. It is a general truism, that nothing in life is free.

Courtesy and Respect

We aim to deal with everyone with courtesy and respect and we expect the same from our clients when dealing with us and our staff. As we mentioned before, things do go wrong and it’s easy to get heated, but the best way for us both to resolve problems is to remain calm and communicate clearly and effectively.


We believe we can bring simplicity to the complex world of financial services, through our ability to communicate in everyday language and ‘translate’ the jargon into words we both understand. If we are failing, please tell us!