About Us

We aim to help our current and future clients to make sense of all matters financial in an ever more complex and rapidly changing world.


 How do we do it?

Research and feedback tells us that in the UK most people find that the financial advisory industry seems to have the ability to make the simple complex, uses a different language and shrouds costs and charges in a mist that combines to engender a lack of trust.

That’s where the team at B&C Financial Planning aim to make a difference.  Our objective is to deliver simplicity, transparency, honesty and integrity in everything we do.

We do this by using

  • Using plain language
  • Identifying clearly all costs and charges
  • Providing regular access to your adviser and customer service team
  • Delivering plenty of regular communication – if you want it.

Our team of qualified professionals are on hand to help you make sense of today’s financial jungle. Our experience tells us that since the recent economic troubles started, relying on ever rising asset prices to secure your future is a risky approach to personal financial planning. Most people are seeking a better understanding of where they are now and what is needed to provide future financial security and the ability to fulfil their personal ambitions.

Our Services

In meeting these expectations, we have three principal service offerings:

1. Financial Planning & Wealth Management

This is our core relationship based service which seeks to help you determine your objectives in life in four key areas:

  • Family
  • Property
  • Career
  • Lifestyle

From these we will devise a financial plan which will deliver on your ambitions.  We will then, with you, regularly review progress on the plan, adapt it to the inevitable changes in your circumstances and ensure wherever possible you achieve every ambition in life.

The number and period between reviews will be discussed and agreed with you and will be, to some extent, determined by how detailed your objectives and affairs are.

2. Transactional Service

This is designed to help those clients who have specific needs which are a priority and are seeking professional advice to find a suitable solution to meet their current needs. Clients who use our transactional service often go on to become longer term relationship clients, because they have found our transparent, open and honest professional approach to their liking

3. Advice Only

This is for the more informed individual who wants to retain full control over their financial affairs, or may be an active investor themselves, but values professional input to design a generic financial plan with a built in tax and investment strategy. Armed with their financial plan, they are then free to source whatever product solutions they want.

So whatever your requirements, whatever stage in life you are at, B&C Financial Planning can help you provide the financial means to achieve every ambition in life.